Stay Healthy. Keep Smiling with Rancho Park Dental Group

Stay Healthy. Keep Smiling.

Great Care. Rest Easy.

If going to the dentist makes you fearful or nervous, you’re in good company: By some estimates, as many as 20 percent of patients report some type of dental phobia. At Rancho Park Dental Group, we understand where you’re coming from, and we are committed to making your visit as worry-free as possible. Our job is to restore and maintain your oral health – and to keep you comfortable while doing it.

Through our comprehensive sedation services, we are expert at lessening your pain and reducing your anxiety. Relaxing in the dental chair may sound challenging, but our advanced sedation techniques help you rest easy and accomplish more in one appointment than you normally would in two or three. With oral conscious sedation (OCS), there are no needles or invasive procedures – you simply swallow the medication, and it wipes your anxiety away. Unlike general anesthesia, OCS does not involve complex machinery. Instead, it relaxes you into a semi-sleeping, “twilight” state that enables you to forget your cares and allows your body to continue breathing on its own. All of this at a fraction of the cost of intravenous (IV) sedation.

The sedatives we use at Rancho Park Dental Group are highly safe and effective; they have been studied for decades and are widely used by millions of people around the world. And the Rancho Park Dental Group team’s rigorous training and extensive experience with these medications ranks us among the most skilled practitioners of sedation dentistry anywhere.

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