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CEREC – This changes everything!

single visit dentistry: one visit, superior strength, no “temporaries,” no goopy impressions

it’s not often that a new technology comes around that is a true game changer. i’m not talking in hyperbole or using exaggeration to get your attention. i am talking about a real game changer: a device so powerful and so devoid of compromise that it changes every aspect of the arena in which it competes.


cerec is a dental game changer.

simply put, cerec technology allows us to fabricate incredibly strong and accurate porcelain restorations (crowns, inlays and onlays) in about 20 minutes. to compare, the 90% of dental offices that don’t have cerec need 2 weeks to make their restorations! cerec is superstrong, super fast, super convenient. it’s dentistry that fits into your fast paced 21st century life.

Cerec Kiosk

how does cerec work? its 3 easy steps.

after we get your tooth cavity free and prepared, we first use the cerec acquisition camera to “scan” your tooth into the computer. second, we use the powerful modelling software to design a dental restoration (a crown, for example) that perfectly matches your other teeth and fits seamlessly into your bite. third, when the design is complete we send our “digital proposal” to the milling chamber to be milled out of a solid block of perfect, void-free porcelain. in about 20 minutes your crown is ready to be cemented

your experience is better because in one visit you can restore your tooth to its ideal form and function. no temporaries to wear for 2 weeks, no second visit (with a second injection) to seat the crown.its all done in one easy visit. our experience is better because the dentistry is better and more reliable.

  • cementing the crown on the same day the tooth is prepared means we can bond to a cleaner surface. a better bond means a longer lasting restoration.
  • because we are not using a temporary, we can be less invasive and more conservative of your natural tooth structure.
  • and finally, because the porcelain blocks are vacuum formed, we can be sure there are no voids or air bubbles to weaken it.